A Christmas Star

(from Merry Christmas Magazine)

We all know people in our lives who truly inspire us to step up our game, to get outside our comfort zone. People who don’t just complain but actually do something to improve those things that need help. These are people living the American dream, seizing opportunities, full of creative energy, persistent drive and unyielding determination. Individuals who approach life and all that comes their way joyfully, in peace, and with an individual focus for the task at hand.

Ruth Azar, founder of Second Mile Center Detroit, is exactly that person. Ten years ago her heart was moved by compassion. She recognize the need. She saw children whose lives were going nowhere. She saw desperate children with no direction and in need a positive role models. These children were being inducted into a life of gang activity, drugs, alcohol, poverty, violence and despair.

Standing in faith and leaning on the Lord for guidance, she came up with a plan for an inner-city sanctuary. A safe place founded solidly on Christian principles, ushering in the love of God to better and redirect their lives. Over the last decade this faith based Center has changed the lives of many. The Center provides food, tutoring, Bible studies, a dance ministry and many other programs helping to build responsible respectful children full of hope and a positive future. 

Ruth is like the bright Christmas star leading many lost children to a better life through love and selfless direction dedication. Her goodness and generosity to the community around the Center is greatly appreciated.

The Second Mile Center of Detroit is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax-deductible. As is the case with all good things, the Center is in need of funds for their daily operations. Please make a donation online: www.secondmilecenter.org to this well deserving local charity. Be confident knowing that the money you invest in today will help create a better life for a child living in Detroit.